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Hi everyone. Here is the place where you can express your thoughts about current issues, and share your ideas and stories about our troops. In this community, we support the troops and want to talk about the good things they do to preserve our freedoms on a daily basis. Published or not, your opinions are just as important if not more.

As of 8/2/05, pro_patriotic, which focuses on current events with our troops is now available for a transfer of ownership. Please read the livejournal entry dated 8/2/05 for more details.


On February 4, 2005, this community began using Google Search. This allows members to search for information though the Google network.

Community Moderators
In this community, there are multiple moderators, which are together known as the Management Team. We just make sure that the rules are being followed and also contribute. The moderators are listed here:

Co-founders, Contributors and Community Moderators
babyox4420, a_tookish_gal


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Support Our Troops

By General Tommy Franks:
American Soldier

Media Websites
Fox News. We report, You decide
Rush Limbaugh Show
David Limbaugh
Sean Hannity Show
Sean Hannity Meetup Site
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Laura Ingraham Show

Homeland Security Websites
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President Bush is Victory

pro_patriotic was re-established on February 4, 2005 as a joint project betweenbabyox4420 and a_tookish_gal. The basic thing we wanted to do is create a place where we can come together, share ideas and thoughts on our troops. It shows that even though we are all from different backgrounds, different places, and have different experiences, we can all come together for great discussions, friendship, and good times.

This is a community for Live Journal users who wish to discuss current issues about our troops that are happening today. We strongly encourage your own opinions, thoughts, and ideaology.

HERE ARE THE COMMUNITY RULES (updated on 2/4/05):

1. This is a moderated membership community. Any requests to join must be approved by the Management Team.

**If you apply for membership and you do not have any entries in your livejournal, you may be declined. We just want to know what your stance on issues are, get a sense of your personality, and learn more about you. If you have a livejournal without entries, please email us before joining to let us know about yourself.

2. THIS IS NOT A DEBATE COMMUNITY. However, if you decide to state an opposing viewpoint, you'd better have actual non-partisan facts to back up your statements. Talking points, party rhetoric and Michael Moore do not count as factual information.

3. The Management Team reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Blatant trolls and other people starting flame wars will be ejected without hesitation. We really don't care to hear why you think the liberals and Michael Moore are so great in your eyes.

4. WE BAN PEOPLE WHO ARE RUDE TO OTHER MEMBERS. If there are opposing views, please be civil in presenting your points, and back them up with factual information as stated above. If you are a troll or use flame wars, please do not come into this community.

Also, we will not tolerate disrespect or unacceptable behavior by anyone in the community. This includes non-members and members alike. Should anyone have a problem with a member in the community, please let us know so we can take quick and appropriate action.

If you agree to the above rules and want to join, then you may join and then post away. Also, if you have any questions about what is in the community, feel free to contact any of the moderators and we will help you out.