White Rabbitt (lather2002) wrote in pro_patriotic,
White Rabbitt

Do not let the Main Stream Media and the RINO Establishment decide on who the Republican Candidate for President of the USA will be ...
Michele Bachmann, one of only two genuine conservatives seeking the Republican Nomination, needs the support of all that want real change. The danger of one of the RINOs (ie; Romney and or Perry) becoming the Republican nominee is becoming all too real and Cain is a mystery not worth the risk (besides his 999 plan is not what this country needs or wants in that it creates an additional/new tax, the National Sales Tax (VAT)) !

When you vote in the primary of your State make sure you vote for the only genuine conservative, the one that believes in the U S Constitution, the one with the experience, knowledge and courage to be able to actually change the direction that Obama has sought to move the country towards, vote for Michele Bachmann.
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